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Regarding Our Approach

FlowSets works with clients to understand their problems and objectives through a discovery phase, shaping the project scope and expectations in terms of development effort and time.


Writing and organising software can be like writing and organising a book, albeit a book in a special computer language. Before so much as a line of code is written, the solution architects write out what they want to create and how in a series of extended, detailed plans. Once the project is fleshed out, they move on to how they want to build it.


We take pride in solving complex digitisation problems for clients through our innovative solutions and providing them with knowledge transfer for ongoing maintenance and support of their solutions in the longer term. 


Because we believe in building long-lasting relationships with our clients, we always stand by our products with prompt support and training. After configuring and building the solution, we provide training and customisation to enable them to use the software and maintain it in the future. Our solutions are modular and expandable to accommodate organisations' growing and changing needs over time.

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