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Work Smart, Achieve More

Automate Manual Data Processing

Efficiently Capture, Extract, Process & Output  Documents Data
Powered by Paperless HUB Technology

Accountants & Bookkeepers

Focus on high-value activities while
Paperless Hub ensures accurate extraction and structuring for your documents data.

Tasks like manual data-entry, proofing and adding line items details, are automated using data extraction and matching algorithms to reduce the processing time to under 1 minute per invoice.

10X faster invoice processing

And it is not just about speed.
The Ai engine delivers the highest quality, while the easy-to-use integrations & reporting ensure effcient data flow.

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Small & Medium Businesses 

Your organization your rules, Paperless Hub provides multiple roles, unlimited users, rules management, custom workflows and other configurable modules


Still printing and manually typing the invoice data into the accountancy software? If the answer is yes, it is time to join Paperless HUB, the efficient way to extract and structure document data.

Built-in Augmented Ai

ensures humans validate critical touches while repetitive activities are automated. Paperless Hub is constantly learning and improving with every document.

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Boost your digital transformation with Paperless Hub,
the single entry point for all your document data. 


From rigorous stand-alone, on-premise implementations to the hands-free SAS version, whatever your document digitisation needs are, Paperless HUB got you covered.

Efficient & flexible automation

removes the need for typewriting data 
throughout the
company processes.

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Any Documents Flow

While accessing all your document data, easily instruct Paperless Hub on the required data points,
so manual keyword extraction from documents
is no longer needed. 

Predefined Documents Flow

Paperless Hub is not just about data extraction, but also about NO MORE reconciliation, verification, approving, general ledger coding, and other data entry tasks. 

Implementation Models


No more typewriting. Start processing documents with our AI driven SAS solution 


Stay private while harnessing the AI potential from under the Paperless HUB hood


Seamlessly integrate Paperless HUB with private cloud or other custom environments  


We build with trusted tech.

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